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Proshine is a brand that specializes in manufacturing dishwasher detergents. With a focus on experience, innovation, and modern technology, Proshine offers a complete line of dishwasher detergent products. These include dishwasher tablets, dishwasher gel, dishwasher powder, salt, and polish, all of which are readily available from our trusted providers.

Professional In Washing

Innovative Formulation

Dishwasher And Human Safe

Professional in washing

Innovative formulation

Dishwasher and human safe


One of the most important advantages of a dishwasher is saving time. By using a dishwasher, there is no need to stand behind the sink and wash dishes for a long time; You can easily save your time by using this device.
In addition to helping the environment, using a dishwasher also saves you money; Of course, you should note that if the dishwasher works optimally and correctly, it will save you water, money and time. In order for this device to work optimally and correctly, you need to do some very simple steps. First, learn the correct way of placing and stacking the dishes in the dishwasher.Then, get to know the appropriate settings of the machine for washing dishes, and finally, make sure to use quality detergents such as Proshine dishwasher detergents.
Proshine, the manufacturer of dishwasher detergents, helps you wash dishes as quickly as possible. If you are looking to save money, time, and water consumption and want to help the environment, be sure to use Proshine products for washing dishes.

High Washing Power

Strong Degreaser

Great Shine

Dishwasher Safe


Providing products based on knowledge and technology to create a comfortable and quality life experience


Our mission is to provide a product with maximum efficiency to consumers in order to win their trust so that they can confidently entrust the cleaning of their dishes to Proshine and experience a quality and easy life.